So You Want to Create a Neat Scene Transition?

Up to this point I have just been cutting between scenes aimlessly in my Enter Sumo animated series. I just never gave it any thought until the fourteenth episode when I wanted to make a point of how connected Valerie is to her husband, Henry. In the episode, Valerie is having a flashback of her time with her Henry and when we flash forward to the present even though they are physically apart they are still connected.

The best way to really show this is to create a transition where both characters appear in the identical pose and location as the scene transitions. Check out the video above on how to create a perfect symmetry using Blender 3D objects even when there is a change of scenery. You can attempt this technique drawing or sketching the scene but as you may have noticed it can be easier if you use 3D models in Blender.

I hope you find some inspiration and guidance from these videos to create your own cartoon. Don’t forget to follow the Enter Sumo show to see how a sumo league in the US is made.

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