Molding My 3-D Human Instantaneously

Molding a human character from scratch in Blender is hard. It’s like sculpting a chunk of clay from scratch. As a beginner (newbie, if you will) all I can mold is a box that looks nothing like a human. There has to be another way!

There is.

After attempting to mold my human characters but only producing rectangular shapes, I google searched for pre-made human models for Blender. I stumbled upon a free program called MakeHuman.

MakeHuman is an open source program that starts you off with a basic human body. With basic slider controls you can alter the face and body to varying degrees to create your unique human. Once you’re done you can export this model into Blender and voilà! You are no longer staring at a box. You have a unique human body with a long shirt, pants, and an internal skeleton included.

MakeHuman opening view

You are by no means finished but at least you are on your way. What I forgot to mention in the clay analogy is that after you sculpt your clay you need to create a skeleton in order to be able to move your object. Just like us humans, the 3-D models in Blender need a skeleton that controls the movement of every body part. This will require more of your time properly aligning the skeleton to each body part.

Thankfully, MakeHuman does this job for you. When you export your Makehuman model to Blender, the skeleton is automatically created so you don’t have to worry about it.

And so, with MakeHuman, you can have a unique moving 3-D human model within minutes. You still need to work on adding hair, shoes, and other details but MakeHuman spares you a lot of unnecessary work. Beginning your 3-D modeling seems a lot more doable from this starting point.

For more on MakeHuman visit their website at

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