Make Your 3-D Shirt


So now that I imported my 3-D human model from MakeHuman into Blender how do I add clothing? There are various ways to go about this but from what I learned I am utilizing two methods.

Mind you, for my purposes all I want is a generic human model. I am not focusing on details like color gradience or clothing stitching. The main objects that I need is a shirt and a pair of shoes. Here I will explain one method of creating a shirt and in the following post I’ll go over creating shoes with the other method.

I begin creating my shirt by copying the region of the body where the shirt will lay over. View my previous post on the Blender basics if you need help with the interface.

Blender edit mode

This means clicking on the body and selecting edit mode.

Blender edit shirt select front

I press C on the keyboard and begin highlighting the region of the body (chest, arms, back) where the shirt will be.

Blender shirt only

I then hold SHIFT and the D buttons to duplicate the region I highlighted. Click your mouse to leave the copied region in place. Do not move your mouse before you click or else the shirt will not end up in place. The shirt will be moved to the new mouse location.

Blender outliner shirt

Now, to separate the shirt from the body press P and select “separate by selection.” This will create that highlighted region (that you copied and pasted in place) as it’s own unique object. Otherwise, it would be classified as part of the human body.

The above illustration shows the Outliner editor view where the armature (entire character) consists of 3 objects: Human.010, Human.011, and Jeans.011. Originally, it displays just the Human.0.10 and Jeans.011 but when you copied and pasted the highlighted region you in essence created the new object Human.011.

Feel free to rename this to Shirt or any other name of your liking. This is vital because when you, for example, change the color of the human to purple this won’t affect the color of the shirt because it is its own entity.

Blender properties shirt color

Speaking of which, you can add color to your shirt by following the steps below as illustrated in the above diagram.

  1. Go to the Properties editor view.
  2. Select the Materials tab.
  3. In the Materials section, click on the (X) option to delete the old material and then click on the New option to add a new material.
  4. In the Diffuse section add your desired color and customization.
  5. Customize the color in the Specular section as well.

That should do it. As you can see I colored my shirt green and now my human isn’t shamed for being shirtless.

Blender final shirt

You can apply this technique for creating other clothing articles like jackets, gloves, shorts, etc. Say no to nakedness.

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