How I made my 3-D Gym [3 Videos]


For the fifth episode of my Enter Sumo animated series I created a one room gymnasium for the setting of this scene. This was my first time every creating such a scene so I decided to record my work. The following videos can inspire and show you how I built such a basic gym using Blender.

The Room

At first I had in mind that the gym would be in the garage. The original architecture is based on a garage. I later decided to move away from this idea to a one room setting instead but the room structure stayed relatively the same. See the following video on how I built the room.

The Equipment

I kept the gym very basic. The primary equipment I looked to have is a bar, weights, and a bench. See the following tutorial on how I managed to make the closest resemblance to a bench press station. You can also apply these techniques in creating other gym equipments and stations like barbells and treadmills.


What is a gym without mirrors for you to check out how good look as you’re working out? To really make this room look like a gym I added mirrors across the four walls. See how mirrors can easily be applied to any room.

I hope you find some inspiration and guidance from these videos to make you create your own gym or other room setting. Don’t forget to follow the Enter Sumo animated series to see how a sumo league in the US is made.

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