Curing 3-D Baldness


After I imported my 3-D human model from MakeHumanadded clothes to my model, but if you look closely you may notice that the model has no hair! Thankfully, the bald look does not need to be present in your models if you follow the steps below. Unless of course you are cool with baldies.

These steps are similar to the ones I outlined for creating shirts (visit the beginner guide post if you need to review the basics of the 3-D program Blender).

Blender select hair section

First, select your human model and enter Edit Mode. Second, highlight the area of the head where the hair should appear. Pressing the C button on your keyboard will bring up the highlight tool.

Blender change color

With the area still selected, press P on your keyboard to bring the Separate window option and pick the Selection option. This will separate the highlighted area from the main body.

Rename this new object in the Outliner view (pictured above in the top right section) to something that lets you know it’s the hair object (i.e. hair).

In the material tab in the Properties view (pictured above underneath the Outliner view) change the Diffuse and Specular colors to the color  you want the hair to be. I picked a blonde-yellow color.

Blender Particle tab

Next, under the same Properties view go to the Particle tab as shown above. Click on the + button on the top right side of the tab to add a particle system. The ParticleSystem should now appear listed in the box.

Underneath the Name and Settings fields, in the Type option, change from Emitter to Hair. You can begin altering the hair options available in this tab but the main fields I change is under the Emission fields: Number (500) and Hair Length (0.110). This will give me a hair density and length as seen below. Feel free to alter this to your liking.

Blender Hair Particle mode

The hair particles shoot outwards in all directions. You may think that this is not the hair color you designated and that it is too crazy looking. Both are true. First, don’t worry about the hair color because under edit mode (which we’re in) the default view color is black. Once you exit out of edit mode you will see the color you choose for your hair.

Second, you can stylize your hair through such actions as trimming and combing. While still having the hair object selected, click on the drop down menu (underneath the 3D view) to change from Edit Mode to Particle Edit. Please note that the Particle Edit option isn’t available until we add the hair particles like I showed a few steps ago.

Blender Hair Comb

You will notice a few options to the left side that include brushes to comb, smooth, add, lengthen, puff, and cut your hair. Select any of these and click your mouse over the hair to apply these options. Customize the hair to your liking.

Blender Hair Finally

And  there you have it. A full lock of hair deserving of a thumbs up.

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