8 Videos on Making a 3-D Hottie


When I was working on the sixth episode of Enter Sumo, I had to build a female character that is essentially a trophy wife. Before doing so I decided to record myself along the process of creating this character by using MakeHuman and Blender. The following are the videos I uploaded to show how I created various pieces of the character from body, clothes, and hair.

These techniques can be applied in creating other characters and are not restricted to a female character.

Importing the Body

To begin building the character open the MakeHuman program to customize the body structure. See the following video tutorial.

After you are done, export the file as a collada (.dae) file and open Blender where you will need to go to File > Import > Collada (.dae) to open your file. And there you have it. Your human body easily created for you to work on.

Adding Hair

To add the hair style you like see the following video to illustrate how to use the particle system in Blender to customize the hair of your model to your liking.

You can apply this hair technique when creating eyebrows or other facial hair such as beards. See the following video.


In order to customize the eyes, you will need to separate the eyeball and pupil from the main body. By doing this you can change the color of the pupils. See this tutorial video.


You can use the same technique for making your lips. See this video.


The making of a dress can be simple depending on the design of the clothing article. This applies to other clothes such as shirts and pants but the principles are the same. See the following tutorial.

When dealing with a body part that has many objects, such as the foot, creating an article of clothing like a shoe gets a bit more trickier. See how I create some heels for the feet to understand how to approach other such clothing like gloves and socks.

Diamond Jewelry

Lastly, to add some finishing touches you may want to include some accessories such as jewelry to make your character look more realistic. In the following video see how I make a diamond necklace.

I hope you find some inspiration and guidance from these videos to make you create your own characters. Don’t forget to follow the Enter Sumo animated series to see how a sumo league in the US is made.

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