Episode 1.2: Deploy Unemploy

How does someone get himself fired and unhired? Only Richard can.

Richard fails at his job and at interviewing

I honestly did not think I could make a second episode. I felt like I used up all my funny material on the first episode. Thankfully, during this time I myself was unemployed and was going to many job interviews. And they were pretty bad. I was getting no job offers after each.

So while I waited to hear back from all these employers, I decided to vent my frustration with the job application process by creating this episode. Unlike the last episode, however, these events did not happen to me. I merely was thinking about them all as I interviewed.

It felt all very ridiculous. The same old repetitive questions over and over again. After a few interviews, I simply was fed up. I stopped taking them seriously. Which may be the reason I never heard back from companies in a long while.

Nonetheless, I got something out of this experience. So did Richard. Hopefully you do too.

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