My First Short Video

In my first attempt to animate something, I created this very short video. It may be too raw but looking back on this I think I managed to create something simple, clean, and to the point.

In this video I used SketchUp (no relation to this site) to build a basic 3-D living room set. I actually came across this free software prior to using Blender. It’s a whole lot easier to understand and use to create 3-D objects.

I thought about this funny concept of people communicating online and making a video animation about it. In order to keep things simple I created two settings and used simple shapes for the furniture setting. I didn’t even bother to create a body for the “humans.” I assumed the circle/cylinder head sufficed.

Truth be told, I spent a good deal on the furniture for the first setting (with the keyboard, desk, etc.) that I got tired and really didn’t spend a lot of time on the second one (hence just a plain old couch).

After finalizing the settings I exported still images from SketchUp into the Windows Movie Maker. I added text to the images along with a typing audio that I recorded of myself using my keyboard. I aligned audio, text, and images to produce what you see now. All that was needed from there was to export the video animation into YouTube and eureka.

I admit the video isn’t much but I focused in on getting the ironic message of the status update across. To counter the fact that no one really moved, I made sure I used different camera angles and quickly bounced back and forth from either setting. It’s my first crack at this animation dream but to this day I still like how simple and clean it came out.

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