My Ambitious Animation Plan

My main aim is to garner an audience to tell my stories. I think of many ideas for movies or television series and I am discontent with just running it through my mind. I want to bring people in to my mind to see these stories but since people can’t physically do that, I am working on bringing these stories to people.

Here’s my basic plan for making this happen which I alluded to in previous posts.

  1. Create the 3-D human characters in MakeHuman
  2. Export the characters into Blender and add further details to make them unique.
  3. Create objects and settings for the different scenes.
  4. Use the script that took me 3 years to write down to move the characters to specific scenes for me to “film” within Blender.
  5. Export these filmed scenes into my Mac video editor and add my recorded voice over.
  6. Find or self -record  soundtracks to accompany the scenes.
  7. Upload each episode as they’re completed unto YouTube.
  8. Post on this website the video along with my take on that specific episode.
  9. Repeat steps 4-9.

So far I imported all my characters from MakeHuman into Blender and will begin adding their clothes and creating the objects in the different settings.

Blender Animation Attempt

I am planning on keeping the environment simple (rectangular shaped furniture, single-colored walls, etc.) in order to save time.

To compensate for the bland surrounding, I will make sure to focus the camera shots on the characters and keep the scenes continually moving.

I’m on my way but there’s still work to  be done.

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