Failed iPhone Game App

I seek to present myself as a person who overcame all challenges in order to be an inspiration. Yet in writing about my dream for my first iPod game, the reality is that I failed to see that through.

As an avid (American) football fan I listen to talk radio on the subject and am active in fantasy football. When I searched for a football game App to play on my iPod I only found a few games available. Of those available, the games focused more on the graphics.

All I wanted was a multi-player football game App that offered both offense and defense schematics. Since there was no such option, I sought to create my own App.

Generally, to upload an App you will need to download a “kit” to your Mac and test your code in the “kit” before submitting it for Apple’s approval. The primary coding language is Objective-C, which I knew nothing of.

I checked out library books and followed blogs to learn how to create games. Most notable, helped me comprehend the coding aspect of it. I also came across Cocos2D; an open software program that helps users create game Apps. Most of the back end coding is condensed to minimize the learning curve. But you still have to know how to code under this language.

These resources were very helpful in learning a lot about coding but unfortunately the coding was too much of a challenge and technology moved too fast. Over time I needed to adjust for the retinas imagery, iPad screen, and newer iPhone compatibility requirements. I lagged behind in having the most current code applicable.

I got discouraged and have put it on hold indefinitely. I’m now more interested in developing my animation series but if that goes well, I am considering developing a game App based on that series. If that also goes well then I will have time to create that football game App. Maybe.

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