Becoming a Techie

I’m a late comer to technology yet I knew from the first time using a computer the great benefits technology can bring.

I attended school in a time when everything was handwritten. With a horrible penmanship most of my papers were returned to be rewritten more neatly. My wrist was relieved in college when I began using computers. It took me a couple of years to become comfortable typing without looking at the keyboard and many more years to learn about the different programs at my disposal.

I initially learned to use Word’s and Excel’s basic functions but over time I began clicking on all the different buttons to learn all the features available. I never took a formal class, although I might have learned quicker if I did.

I invite many of you to dive into any program and begin learning piece by piece. I started off with all programs very confused and discouraged. As I look back now though, several years later, I see how much I know in coding and program set up. I’m no expert, but I’m definitely not a beginner.

Around the time that I learned the basic excel functions, I was asked at work to create a database. Microsoft Access was always a daunting program that I avoided for no other reason than I was unfamiliar with it.

Now that my job required me to use it I spent my days going through the online tutorials and forums. Thankfully, there wasn’t a set deadline to have it up and running so I took 8 months to become very comfortable with setting various tables and reports.

It’s while learning Access that I began to look into Blender and became comfortable with it as well. The function arrangements and module connectivity were similar in both programs that navigating through either one became intuitive.

For Access, I wanted to produce a quality database for work. For Blender, I want to produce quality animations per my dream. In both instances my goals made me stick with learning the respective computer programs. Just like typing my papers, I knew that learning this available computer tool will benefit me.

It will take months, even years, to be proficient in any program but it’s well worth it. My writing hand for one has long been grateful.

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