A Lame Birdie Video Clip

After creating my first video I decided to upload this second video as a means of testing my production skills. As I did previously, I constructed the objects in the 3-D program SketchUp (no relation to this site).

Looking back now this video is pretty pointless and boring. It’s probably one minute of your life you can never have back.

Yup, I don’t mind being critical of my own work. The video was actually more for me than the public. With this project I was testing two things.

One, my ability to create a realistic setting. Notice in the video how detailed the buildings and streets are. I took over a week to construct this city block. I arranged the streets to have a certain details like street lights and garbage cans.

Plus I also created unique buildings each with different architecture. Some have large windows and others have simple facades. I wanted a unique realistic city street.

I’ll admit that I did get tired near the end so some buildings remained a rectangular block. And the details in the cars were never finalized.

Which brings me to the second point of the purpose of this video. I wanted to combine audio with the images to create a story mood. The music may be poor quality seeing as how the recording machine captured the background noise. But my intent was to add a dramatic feel to this video simply with the music.

I further added a suspenseful scene (I hope) with the camera movement. Part of the reason why I moved the camera the way I did was to keep the audience unease as to what to focus on; adding to the suspense. The other reason for this camera movement was to showcase the detailed setting while glossing over the unfinished objects.

In the end though, there was no plot so it ends up being uninteresting. A practice round for me.

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