Episode 1.13: This Isn't Sumo, It's Boxing!

Sam and James take a first look at the sumo/boxing fight match.

The Underground Sumo Tourney Begins


Fight! Fight! Fight!

After building up the series in the past episodes I can now begin the fight scenes. Enter Sumo is not entirely about fighting but there is an element of combat; both physical and mental. There will be more physical matches coming up to balance out the abundance of talk that took place up until now.

For this first fight, I did not want to dive right into it. I didn’t want to make it the center point of the episode. It is, but it isn’t. That is why the fight is happening in the background of Sam and James’ conversation. Again, while Enter Sumo is about combat, it is so much more than that. Sam and James are discussing what the boxing style match means for them. Sam is thinking beyond one fight. He is calculating how to win.

In Case You Missed It

I enjoyed choreographing the boxing between the background fighters. I want to highlight two shortcuts I took in making this scene. First, I purposely kept the camera facing one side of the factory to make it appear that the factory was packed. I was working with about 15 fighters so I shifted all of them to one side so it appears as if there’s a whole lot more contestants than there really are.

Why create 100 characters if I can make the illusion of 100 with 15?

The second shortcut I took was in the editing. There is about four punch sequence the fighters have which lasts about four seconds. I took this sequence and looped it about four times to make the clip last about a minute. Since the punches were being thrown quickly I hope no one really noticed. That and I hope folks were engaged in the conversation between Sam and James. If you did notice and felt cheated you have my most sincere apology. It’ll get better though. I promise.

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