Episode 1.9: Teddy Bear Gift Won't Do

Why can’t Nick please his little sister, Jenny? Maybe a gift can make Jenny love her brother?

Why is Child Services at My Door?


As discussed in the previous episode’s post, I am experimenting with shooting the episodes in one camera shot. Meaning, I am not moving the camera and keeping it in one place. By doing so, especially in this episode, I am able to hide the speaking motion of the characters in certain moments. In the beginning of the episode, for example, Nick speaks but has his back to the camera. This may seem like lazy directing but it’s not.

There is a purpose to having the camera stay put. I choose this camera angle because it captured the many apartment furniture that got between Nick and Jenny. I purposely place physical barriers between the two. They are only truly facing each other and in the same side of the room for a few moment. This is to signify that there is a drift between the two.

To begin with, the living room and kitchen divider separates the siblings. When Nick gets the teddy bear try to connect with Jenny, he is distracted by the door knock. So even though he tries to be there for her, he literally drops the olive branch. As Jenny moves to that side of the room Nick shifts to the opposite side. Only in his anger towards Jenny, for looking into his computer, does he come face to face with her.

Yet, Jenny’s first encounter with her brother is of an aggressive tone. This does nothing but make her upset at never having her brother there for her. So what was suppose to be the two siblings getting closer ends up drifting them further apart.

In Case You Missed It

There were a few gaffs that I made which once again I did not realize until after I uploaded the video to Youtube. Were you able to spot them? The one that stood out was in the last shot, the laptop is missing from the coffee table. Just a few seconds ago Nick closes the computer from Jenny but when he is seated there is nothing next to him. Once again, I hid this object during the editing stage and forgot to unhide it.

Also for those who recall the first episode, the color of the doors and coffee table aren’t exactly the same. As I began shooting for this episode, I made changes to the color of these wooden object because the lighting was off. Those with a keen eye will be able to notice that the shade of green used in the couch is not the same one as in the first episode. I actually do not know how that changed but it did. If you don’t really care about any of these minor changes then great! This will be the last time I mention it. Hopefully the rest of the episode was entertaining enough for you to not even realize any of this.

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