Episode 1.8: Joining the Sumo Tournament

Ex-sumo wrestling prodigy, Sam Jonas, walks down the path towards this underground tournament.

Walking Talking Sumo


I kept this episode simple to focus on the dialogue between Sam Jonas and his friend James. Eight episodes in, I realized that I need to focus more on the character interaction and scale down on the camera cuts. Especially in the first episode, I moved the camera in different angles too much trying to get interesting shots. This results in many camera cuts which impedes any form of continuity for a 2-minute episode. There is no connection to the setting or characters because the camera shot is always moving. I feel that every episode previously moved to fast in such a short time frame.

My new focus for each episode is to slow things down and let the action gradually develop. In this episode, for example, I keep the camera close up to Sam Jonas and James to give an intimate feel. I stayed on this close-up for the majority of the episode because I want highlight the conversation. Only until the end do I reveal that Henry is with them. And when I do, I do not cut to another camera shot. I just merely pan out. The one and only camera cut I used is in the final shot to reveal the factory.

Just as the entrance sneaks up on Sam and James (since they are busy talking), so too does the camera quickly cut outwards to reveal the factory. I’m being more intentional with what and how things are displayed. Stay tuned for how I apply this in the upcoming episodes.

In Case You Missed It

The factory that is displayed in this episode is the same one in episode six. Although they may appear the same there are a few alterations I made. For one, the surrounding fence was not there beforehand. I had no surrounding objects in the last episode because the focus was on what happens inside. For that camera shot of the factory, I zoomed in enough so that we cannot see what is around the factory. The fence was needed for this episode so I could not stall any longer and I built it now.

The other alteration is the coloring of the front of the factory. Looking at it again this time, I noticed that the front looked so plain. It was just red and needed some texture. When you compare the shots of the factory you can see that I added some brick coloring to the front and shadow lines to the smoke stacks. Since the factory is a highlighted object for this episode I made sure to add these details. In the previous episode, you can only see the front of the factory for less than 2 seconds so it did not matter then.

It may be small details but I hope it gives the scene more character. Most of all, made your viewing more enjoyable. I aim to please.

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