Episode 1.10: Hidden Fees, Hidden Evil

Henry begins to see how sketchy this underground Sumo Tournament is. Will the hidden fees stop him from getting Sam Jonas to compete?

Now the Entry Fee is Much Higher


I am continuing my aim to shoot my episodes with as minimal cut scenes as possible. When I approached this scene I became intrigued with the setting and number of characters at play. Eight! This is the most I have managed. Granted they’re not real human beings but as the director I had to think of ways to make sure everyone had a moving part.

I will admit that in the sixth episode, which took place in the same setting, I did not utilize the space to the best of my abilities. The camera angles were sporadic, switching from top to side views. Close-ups to wide shots. I struggled with three characters in one shot. You can tell because the woman in that episode did not move at all!

That’s why in this episode I made sure to at least change her stance so that she appears alive. But this was a challenge, let me tell you. I had to coordinate the movements of the characters so that there was no overlap in their movements. Most moved only a couple of gestures but in order to highlight it I made them occur when no one else was moving. Something subtle but I think makes the scene always look active.

I loved the angle I shot this scene because I could fit and place everyone into a significant position. There’s a reason why Henry is on opposite side of the desk by himself and Sam along with James are kind of in between but really on the outside. This view allowed me to convey this message visually all in one shot so I stuck with it for as long as possible.

Although I did have to cut to another shot for the last part of the episode and it took me longer to produce the episode, because of the many character movements involved, I am proud of this shot selection. Thankfully, this is all done in a 3-D environment and I have the option to move the camera shot in any desired angle.

In Case You Missed It

I don’t want to give away too much detail, but I have been inspired by the Breaking Bad (and correspondingly Better Call Saul) show to include my own “Easter Eggs” in this Enter Sumo series. I see online that viewers find these “Easter Eggs”, which are objects or visuals that are placed in the background of scenes throughout the series, which hold some symbolism and meaning. For Breaking Bad this includes a stuffed animal, eye ball, and color use.

I like this idea.

So in this episode I decided to reintroduce this “egg” in the form of the pen. Reintroduce because there is a similar pen in the seventh episode. Like I just said, I am not going to say much about the meaning but I want to highlight that I purposely placed a pen on the desk and that it will appear again. There will be other “Easter Eggs” too that I will place, which I think adds another layer to this series. That and it makes it fun for me to place and I hope you enjoy finding.


i am happy you are so wonderful,but i will like to produce my own cartoon howwill i do it

Hey Mary, you can check out the tutorial section (http://www.reelsketch.com/tutorial) or if you want to communicate with me as I am working on my cartoon I am often on Periscope (https://www.periscope.tv/reelsketch). Hopefully you will get an idea of how to produce your own.

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