Episode 1.7: Harassment at Work Again

Valerie’s boss is at it again. See why her work office environment is toxic. Sexual harassment, possibly?

Inappropriate boss to employee behavior


In case you don’t know, Enter Sumo is based on my different personal experiences I lived through in various settings applied to different characters. This particular episode is based on my many memories of inappropriate and unfair supervisors in the workplace. All those people are embodied in Valerie’s boss.

What makes me cringe is when I see a male figure get too close to a female employee. And vice versa. Yes, that is discomforting, too. Just because they’re the supervisors does not mean they have a right to someone else’s personal space. That and they can’t dictate how we live our lives. What time to take our lunch? How long can I take a break? What time I’m allowed to go home?


But it happens. It’s saddening to see how some coworkers put up with this in hopes that this can show they’re an obedient employee. What’s even worse is when the surrounding coworkers also permit this harassment. Enabling the boss to continue his actions and encouraging the coworker to go along with it. It’s a very angering experience that I witness continuously and have in my mind.

So in this episode I try to set up the work environment that many of us may go through. In the later episodes, however, Valerie will break out of this toxic work environment. There will have to be a breaking point. Follow along to see what builds up inside of her to leave behind all of this.

In Case You Missed It

During the course of my animation shooting, I removed a piece of object but never put it back. I hope nobody noticed but in either case I am coming forward with this here. To begin the scene all cubicles have a computer, keyboard, and cabinet. The file cabinet is black and located on top of their computer monitors. This is visible in the first few shots of the episode but there comes a point where the camera is facing Valerie with her boss staring from behind. It’s the scene where she swivels her chair to her computer and agrees to do the assignment.

In order to get that angle shot, I removed the file cabinet because it was in the way of the camera. In doing so, all the file cabinets from the cubicles are not longer visible from that point forward because they were hidden. All subsequent camera shots of the cubicles have this missing. What a gaffe! I did not notice this until I uploaded the video on Youtube and by then it was too late. I guess I’ll never live this down but hope you can forgive me.

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