Episode 1.11: Gender Inequality at Work

Valerie keeps getting work dumped on her by her male boss, Simon. Looks like there gender preferential treatment going on in the office.

The big male boss prefers men to women.


This is a build-up episode. I am not going to try to deny this. The main action will come later in an episode or two. Nonetheless, I need this episode to build up the suspense of what is to come. This episode is crucial to explaining what is in store for these characters later in the series. I did sprinkle some foreshadowing elements in the dialogue which will also come in handy later. Maybe you picked up on them.

It may not seem like much happened in this episode but that’s okay. This episode serves a purpose and it needs to be included. Given this, however, I myself did not want to spend much time on this episode. I am dedicating my time on an upcoming scene so I thought of a way to produce this episode as quickly as possible. I decided on positioning the camera at an angle where I did not need to animate the talking motion. Coordinating the mouth animation with the audio is a time consuming task that I just did not want to deal with.

How did I decide to convey this?

Well, because the boss, Simon, is being demanding to Valerie, I felt it might be more infuriating to not be able to see his face. Meaning, as much as he is insulting to Val, he doesn’t have the audacity to show his face (to the audience). That is why I had the camera facing the back of his head. We are meant to just hear his insulting words but not see eye to eye with him. Because Simon had the most lines in this episode, it worked out on saving time by not dealing with his mouth animation as well. Win, win, win.

In Case You Missed It

I was not hiding or revealing much in this episode. The only minor error that stood out for me is the relation of Simon’s office to Valerie’s cubicle. In the second episode the layout of the office shows that the office is located in a corner of the building with two windows on both sides of the room. Then in the seventh episode we see Simon walking down the hall away from Valerie’s cubicle, implying that his office is indeed in the corner.

Yet, in this episode we see Simon walk away from Val’s cubicle again but when she opens the door to his office the outside cubicles seem to suggest his office is in between offices. There is no wall on the outside to suggest Simon’s office is in the corner of the floor. And the reason for this? Well, I messed up. When setting up the scene I overlooked that his office is supposed to be in the corner and I did not shift the outside cubicle section to reflect this.

The two settings were built in a 3-D plane at different times and not placed next to each other until just this episode. As I explained above, I was rushing this episode a bit so I overlooked the office positioning. This may seem like such a minor detail but I have to come clean. Or maybe no one noticed it or cared. In either case the truth is out there now.

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