Episode 1.14: Escaping the Cubicle Cell

Valerie remembers of the time Henry worked with her at the sports network. What indispensable advice does he have for her?

Why Employees Quit


Every single episode of Enter Sumo so far has been a tremendous experience because I have used different techniques to tell each story. Although all episodes are about the making of a sumo tournament in the US, each episode gets at a different tale building up to this and involving different characters. In this episode, I used the dissolve transition to go back in time and to go to another setting. I never used this up to the point because there was no need for a flashback.

Until now. This episode needed to reveal that Henry was part of the corporate cubicle lifestyle. And in fact, that’s how he and Valerie met. This episode displays how both have a connected history and as the ending reveals, continue to be connected.

As of now, I am not planning on doing anymore flashback episodes. It served its purpose for this one and only episode. This is why I am happy to have used it here. The previous episodes plot did not call for it. I will, however, use other story techniques to unfold this story. Stay tuned.

In Case You Missed It

There is actually not much to reveal about this video as compared to previous episodes. Only a few minor nuggets which I’ll list out in bullet format.

  • If you look at the cubicle walls where Henry sat you’ll notice that the 3-dimensional wall is missing a side/face. This is a editing error I did not notice when I was constructing the walls. Oops.

  • Even though the Henry scene is black and white, I made some minor changes to his attire to showcase how his wardrobe has changed over time. His pant color changed from black to navy blue and during this time he wears no jacket.

  • In case you have noticed, all men in this cubicle are supposed to wear ties. Henry doesn’t to signal how much he is done with this place.

  • Lastly, yes, I know, Valerie is wearing the same clothes as before. Consider it a metaphor of how Valerie is in the same spot after all these years. That or I simply overlooked this fact.

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