Episode 1.5: Found Sam Jonas!

Henry finds sumo wrestler Sam Jonas in the gym and explains his grand plan to launch his sumo league in the US.

Time to Convince Sam Jonas to Wrestle Again

Now we finally meet Sam Jonas

I hope to have hyped Sam up to this point if you have been following Enter Sumo. You don’t hear much from him in this episode but if there’s two things you’re supposed to get from this episode is that he is serious about Sumo and that he has keen awareness.

First, you can notice that Sam is found in a gym. As Henry notes, he still trains because he still has passion for the sport. We know that Sam has not wrestled for a long time but he quickly accepts to enter this underground tournament. He doesn’t ask the details of it and accepts because he just cannot refuse to get back in competition. His focus is still on Sumo. The details of the tournament are negligible.

Although he may have a narrow passion for the sport, Sam Jonas is not completely blinded. He recognizes that there is something odd with Henry’s partner. Sam’s first and only question for Henry does not concern about the tournament. What are the rules or who else is competing? Nope. Sam picks up on the odd nature of Henry’s partner not contributing any commentary. It is not the events that are troublesome but rather people. Sam knows what matters most is understanding other people’s behavior and intentions. Sam trusts Henry because he believes his passion for Sumo so if Henry vouches for his partner Sam doesn’t pursue further questioning.

Which brings us to Henry.

A bit more on Henry

We have seen Henry since the first episode but it’s not until this episode that we get to hear his intentions. His motive is to create a Sumo league that’s big in the U.S. He really is a fan and sole aim is to make it a national sport. He knows his chance to propel this dream forward is win the underground tournament. Not only to win the prize money but to bring back the American sumo prodigy: Sam Jonas. He’s thinking that Sam is his star athlete to popularize sumo wrestling in the U.S. He has given up his cushy job to pursue this dream. It’s his passion. So, of course, Henry knows about Sam Jonas career. And he knows what great talent lies unused.

We’ll see going forward how both Sam’s and Henry’s passion for the sport ends up.

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