Episode 1.4: Who is Sam Jonas?

Big brother Nick tries to look up Sam Jonas online while also trying to please little sister Jenny.

Finding out more about the American Sumo Prodigy

The Untold History of Sam Jonas

Because each episode is less than five minutes there is only so much information I can provide about each character. This episode is meant to allude to the history of the American Sumo Wrestling prodigy: Sam Jonas. The best way I could think of letting you, the audience, know about him is through a web page biography. I inserted this page within the episode so that you can pause it and read it at your own leisure. This saves me the time of creating dialogue explaining his history of this central character. Plus, it creates more of a mystery surrounding Sam Jonas since I am not giving you his story all at once. For those of you who have not mastered the pause function, below is the text of the bio Nick read of Sam Jonas online.

Sam Jonas

Sam Jonas is a retired American Sumo Wrester. He won many titles before retiring at the age of 21.


Sam was born in Hamilton, New Hampshire and he attended the Academy school in Hamilton.


Sam started wrestling at the age of ten and began winning tournaments in junior high school. He left school in 10th grade to travel to Japan and train as a sumo wrestler. Sam studied under the 相撲大学Sumo Daigaku (university).

Sam was the first foreigner to go undefeated winning regional tournaments. He won his first regional tournament in Hokkaido at the age of 18. Despite qualifying for the national tournament with a 86-0 record, Sam Jonas was disqualified from the tournament after allegations that he assaulted a man outside a Kyoto nightclub. After also being expelled from the Sumo Daigaku (相撲 大学) Sam left Japan and retired from Sumo. He has not been seen since.

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