Episode 1.3: My Ex-Husband Shows Up at Work

In the last episode, Valerie had to leave her meeting with her supervisor because of a call. It turns out it was a call from her ex-husband who is waiting for her in the office lobby. What is it that he wants?

Taking a Work Break to Handle Personal Matters

Telling A Love Story Quickly

Since these videos are short I do not have that much time to explain each character and how they relate to each other. And I can’t just come out and say “these two are in love.” I want you all to know that Valerie and Henry are divorced but there is still some feelings there. The divorce is not due to infidelity or falling out of love. There’s a back story there but there’s only so much I can present at a time. I at least hope every viewer got this.

To illustrate the connection, I ended the last episode with Valerie receiving a call from Henry. I presented the phone call image of her with Henry together and Valerie appearing embarrassed of the call. Yet, she still prioritized the call over the meeting she was in. You don’t take a call while you’re in a meeting unless it’s important. The fact that she did should convey that there is something between Valerie and Henry.

In this episode, I try to show that there is some distance between these two even though in the last episode they might have seemed close. To do this I make the beginning of the episode have no spoken words. And I try to show that there is some physical distance between the two. Again, I hope that this allowed you to see how there is something separating the two.

The conversation had to be short because it’s a two minute clip but I pegged it in the episode to Valerie’s need to get back to work. I made her cut the conversation short and quickly head back to the elevator which fit with the whole video time limit. In this urgency, she quickly asks Henry what he wants and get to the point. She agrees to forward him the money without hesitation which may not make sense to most but for people who love and care for another person money is irrelevant. I hope Valerie’s heartfelt love is apparent in this episode.

As a sneak forecasting of things to come, notice that Henry starts off by telling Valerie she looks beautiful but ends up really just wanting money. In contrast, Valerie appears disinterested in emotions at first but only in the end she confesses to herself in the elevator that she does still have feelings for him. Both are keeping their real feelings and intentions private but acting the opposite. Stay tuned how this plays out in the upcoming episodes.

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