Episode 1.2: The Bossy Boss

Valerie is called into the boss’ office and gets shut down by her male supervisor.

My Boss Treats me like I'm STUPID

It was so easy to write this episode because I feel like my own boss treats me this exact way. The episode is based on my own one on one meetings I had. However, my meetings were much more insulting and tedious. He, whom shall remain nameless, spends his time discussing his personal matters and ignores the fact that I have other work to do. I can’t do anything but sit there and wait for him to finish his tale. When he is ready to hear my recommendations he simply shuts them down saying that it is not possible. Really? How can that be if I just explained the process by which we can improve our work. This can only mean he never listens to a word I say.

So I spared you all the personal rants my boss goes on and started this scene once he is ready to talk business. And like me, Valerie’s true talents are ignored. She can do so much more than remedial tasks. She has the potential to initiate some worthy analysis that can improve the entire industry. She’s a good worker who takes the initiative to improve all facets of her job. As I try to do at my own job. But just like me, Valerie’s boss is blind to this. I can’t explain it, but all he sees is the short term tasks. And to these bosses they think they are doing a good job managing their employees. They think they’re doing the best for the company when really they’re doing the opposite.

Valerie will live to fight another day so she accepts his order. There may be some hints of sexism involved in her boss’ decision to not assign it to the male employee but Valerie doesn’t have time to argue this. She will work overtime to get this done so that she can go back to her analysis because she knows she’s onto something. Although she may accept the workload she won’t be controlled by him. I feel like a boss can assign me tasks but they cannot order me to stay seated. Especially when it comes to personal matters. If I have a personal call I will take it. I don’t need permission to go use the restroom so I shouldn’t ask for permission to take a call.

Even as I view this video I still grow frustrated at how ridiculous my boss can be. This is part of the reason why I want to produce this cartoon series. To share with you all some crazy situations I find myself in. And in this episode, Valerie was my means to show what I go through. She and I, however, will come back harder from this. Stay tuned.

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