Episode 1.1: Sibling Intrusion

In this first episode, big brother Nick gets a message about Sam Jonas. He becomes interested in this Sam fellow but his little sister Jenny has other interests.

A Hacker is Reluctant to Hack

After many years of thinking about creating my cartoon show, I finally have put something out. I will admit that I did rush certain aspects of this first scene. Like the TV set that is hanging on the wall doesn’t really look like a TV but more like a black rectangle. And the front door changes different shades of brown because I felt like it was too dark halfway in my video editing process.

Yes, these are small details that probably does matter but I felt like I have been holding off this cartoon idea for so long and that all these small details were leading me to procrastinate. I needed to get something out. Looking back on this episode I probably could have cleaned up a lot of stuff but I’m glad I got it done. Now I can focus on the next scenes. I have the story lines thought out. It’s just a matter of me getting the other scenes out.

In a nutshell, I have to move create the environment setting of the scene in the Blender 3D software. Place the characters 3D models in the setting and move the camera to the desired angle shot. I save these images onto the video editor and later record the voices to match the characters. All this is then imported to Youtube. Sounds and is kind of simple but it does take a substantial amount of time even for a short video clip. But here I go on this journey.

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