Episode 0.0: Intro Song

Song “This is our game” by Letras Perfectas (Elimaz, Beix, Dekah, and DJ Twister)

Every animated series needs it's intro song. So does Enter Sumo.

This is the beginning. I worked on creating my own animated series and with this intro song I begin to do just that. I stalled all these years but I recently focused on this dream and produced something. This intro song came about after I completed the first scene in the series. The series is called “Enter Sumo.”

When I completed the scene, however, I realized that I did not have an intro song to accompany the series. Or at least to accompany the first season. So I did not upload the scene and instead began working on the intro song. I came across the song when I was searching for free music online. I stumbled upon opsound and listened to the music that was available. I can’t explain it but the song “This is our game” by Letras Perfectas (Elimaz, Beix, Dekah, and DJ Twister) stood out for me. Because my series is about a sumo league the chorus and title around the word “game” made it perfect for this intro.

Once I had the song, I then had to create the visual that went along with it. I used the Blender software and decided to do a silhouette look throughout just to make it easier to get done. I assumed that if it’s just black and white then there is less worry about coloring and lighting. But if I was going to do just black and white imagery then I needed to make the video a bit creative. So my angle in the video is to make it seem like a two-dimensional view but move the camera to display a three-dimensional world. Looking at one shot the characters appear 2-D but as the camera moves you are now looking at another 2-D shot but in a different 3-D plane.

That’s it. That was my intent on this intro song. To make look at a 3-D environment through a 2-D lens.

Because it was taking me time to produce every frame of the video I decided to condense the song from 4 minutes to just 1 minute. All courtesy of iMovie. I would have taken much longer finishing this video had I not. And once I began looking at the intro song to other cartoon shows I saw that most were around the one minute mark in length. So I was okay with this decision. And so now it is out. All this work and it feels like such a relief to be done with this video. On to the actual episodes.

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