Episode 1.6: Enter the Arch Rival

In anticipation of Henry recruiting Sam Jonas for the underground sumo tournament, the head of the tournament decides to recruit his own fighter; Sam Jonas’ arch rival all the way from Japan.

Plotting Against My Enemy

Any Walking Dead comic readers?

If you are I hope the factory setting brought back some memories of the comic because I drew my inspiration from it. Before I read the Walking Dead comic I knew that I would set the underground sumo tournament in an abandoned factory. I wanted to have it in a very spacious but grungy looking atmosphere. One that can hold a significant number of participants and viewers but is by no means an arena facility.

A factory will do.

I held this idea in my mind but never fully conceptualized how the factory will look. As I procrastinated in creating my Enter Sumo series, I read through the Walking Dead comic books. When I got to the Negan section, the factory where his group resided stood out to me. There’s a specific 2-page image of the factory where Neegan is with Carl in the mezzanine level while his group is relaxing in the lower level. Can you recall this scene? It’s right after Carl sneaks into Negan’s camp and Negan shows Carl around the place to convince him…

Anyway, getting back to this post. So I was influenced by that factory look. Kudos to the illustrators of that comic issue. Before then I could only picture a conveyor belt for my factory. Thankfully I became aware that a factory can have a mezzanine level. Genuis! I tried to emulate as much as I could from that Negan factory but some things were too complex. So I mainly added a mezzanine level and stair layout that parallels the comic. I think that made a huge difference in giving me that rugged cold factory look. It took me weeks to complete and you can only get glimpse for a few seconds but I think it’s worth it. I hope you think so too.

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