Episode 1.15: Arch Rival's First Sumo Match

In Jin’s first fight in the underground sumo tournament, he faces the previous winner who relentlessly trash talks. How will he fight knowing that Sam Jonas is watching?

Getting Knocked Out in Sumo Tournament


There’s a long lag between the last episode of Enter Sumo and this new one. Over two months. Before then I was on a roll attempting to put out an episode per week. And then when it came to this episode I just stopped. I can’t identify the exact reason but rather than come up with a conclusion, I will simply list out all the possibilities.

  1. Exhaustion: After working on multiple episodes every week I just needed some time off. Mind you, I am working on this completely on my own so I am in charge of script/story writing, 3D modeling, animating, voicing, editing, AND publishing. As much as I appreciate having my hand on all parts of my animated series I nonetheless do exhaust myself.
  2. Burnt Out: Similar to the above, in the last two episodes I spent a lot of time creating so many new 3D model characters. Granted, I used a shortcut copy and paste method to create a large crowd but it was still time consuming. In the end I just didn’t want to walk away from all this work and not see it for a while.
  3. Personal: I am sure most do not care but there was some personal reasons why I had not time to work on this show. No, this didn’t involve anything juicy for me to bore you with. Unfortunately, stuff just came up that limited any time I can set aside for this episode.
  4. Lack of Creativity: In each episode I seek to tell the story in a unique technique either through transition, camera angle, or story unraveling. When it came to this episode I knew that I wanted Jin to knock out his opponent easily but I didn’t know how to best present this. I juggled with several ideas of how to do this including displaying the entire episode through the eyes of Sam Jonas. For a long time I couldn’t settle on this. It took me this long to decide on the current episode story structure.

In Case You Missed It

I noticed that a handful of the sumo participants had blue eyes only after the video was published. As I watched the episode I was confused as to why some random characters got blue pupils. At this point there was nothing I could do since the video is now live. I went back to my Blender file and remembered that since all the sumo wrestlers in the crowd were copied and pasted from one original 3D character. And in the original model I set the eyes to blue. As I began copying and pasting to make more people I changed certain attributes of the new models such as hair, skin color, and clothing. For some I took the time to change the eye color but for many it was such a small element that I overlooked it as I was customizing over twenty characters.

And so this minor error, but big in my mind, went unnoticed until now. Rest assured that the next episodes will no longer have so many characters with blue pupils. I am glad that I caught it and can still fix it. It’s these small things that pass by my production inspection but I have to be on top of. I am a stickler for such things. Hope you either didn’t notice or didn’t care as much.

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