Taking Down My Site

I’m sure no one noticed when I started this Reelsketch website years ago. Over the span of two years I uploaded about 100 “sketches” that I created in Photoshop. And even though I really liked these pictures I had no second thoughts deleting them all from the site one day.

It did occur to me that maybe I should hold on to some of the pics for sentimental value but I decided to go through with it nonetheless. I don’t think I am cold hearted. Here’s my reasoning. While I do cherish the sketches that took me a long time to create, those posts were a means to an end.

I never sought to create a site where I post content on a daily basis. I admire the newspaper cartoons but I cannot generate that much content. I might have wanted to when I launched the site but I soon realized that it would burn me out.

I like comedy and I find that my favorite comedians are those that perfect their routine and jokes. I find videos online of them telling the same joke to different crowds perfecting their delivery every time. Compared to late night talk show hosts who have to give their monologues daily, there’s a stark difference in “funny.” The jokes in late night talk shows always seemed rough and forced. I get it. Having to be creative within 24 hours is hard.

I initially posted daily content as a way to force myself to at least produce something. But near the end the quality really dipped. I was forcing art; attempting to be edgy and creative when it really wasn’t. I like my ideas when they come to me naturally and are well thought out. Yet I do have a tendency of thinking too long and not producing any content. So the old website was a good practice for me but it reached its end.

The current site will only include content that is finished. I am giving myself some deadlines for posting content, like one post at least every week but I will not force it. I hope this will prove a good template for having good content on this site.

To the early followers of Reelsketch I apologize if there was any connection to the previous posts. This had to be done. It just wasn’t my best material. Thanks for sticking around and know it can only get better from here.

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