Slacker Update

Thanks to Blender and MakeHuman I know how to generate 3-D human models and customize them to my liking. So you may be asking what’s taking me so long to generate my animation series? Shouldn’t I have at least 2 short videos uploaded to Youtube by now? Yes, yes, and yes. But let me explain.

First let me start with my B.S. excuse.

I can argue that I have been building the content on this website that I have no time to work on the actual animation. I spent the majority of my time writing tutorials and other posts documenting the process for creating an animating series. Taking into account that I still have a 9-5 job there just isn’t enough time for me to do both.

So that’s what I am telling myself but we both know that’s not the truth.

The truth is that I have slacked off. Yes, there’s posts that I have uploaded and yes they’re time consuming but I still had time work on the actual animation. I chose not to. I chose to watch TV. I’ve been trying to fool myself that there isn’t time but there is. I have prioritized horribly.

Now that the NFL football season has started I spend my time watching games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Thanks NFL for cutting into my week! Add on top of that the fantasy football league I joined so that I my spare time is all taken away.

I do enjoy football but I have not yet strike the perfect balance of watching the games and working on this dream of mine. Probably because it is a dream I have not put much focus on it.

As I write this I am disappointed in myself for slacking off so much. I was on a roll posting daily content at least, even if I was not actually working on the animation part. And then the procrastination set in. TV for the got the best of me and I let it. Funny how this video really depicts me.

I am hoping to turn this around though. I am pushing through and have worked on finalizing the details of my 3-D human models. Little by little I will put out more content and updates but I am hoping to make this more and more. Fingers crossed.

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