My Clean Cut TV Video

When I created my bird and computer videos with SketchUp, I kept the videos very short to focus on one aspect of video making. For the bird video, I wanted to test my ability to navigate the camera angles and amplify the setting with music. For the computer video, I wanted to tell a short tale of two people interacting online. With this third video, I wanted to build off both techniques.

I really enjoyed using the SketchUp 3-D program to create very clean smooth models. I learned how to create simple furniture and even now add color to the models.

In this video, I wanted to use this color addition but not go too overboard. I wanted to highlight the “story.”

During this time I was watching a lot of television. I kept procrastinating because one show peaked my interest right after another one ended. And so I blamed television for not getting my work done. I felt like TV had some brain control over me.

I wanted to let people know how much of a pawn I am to TV and with a simple setting and character I let the scenes show that. It was a basic back and forth shot between the TV and human that displayed the conversation being had. I added a music tune to add an element of time.

At the end of every sound loop, I wanted to give a sense of time passing by. So the tune should instill some sense of “movement” even though there really wasn’t any physical movement in the video. I used the moving shots and music to disguise the fact that not much physical movement is occurring.

I hope the compact content of music, camera shots, and dialogue showcases my tale in an interesting manner. It’s not long but I hope this didn’t turn out to be a wasteful minute of your life.

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