Five Years In the Making

It all started on a Monday morning commute to work. I was seated in the train trying to catch a quick nap before work. I was actually bored with my job but would not fully realize it until months later. And took a total of 2 years for me to make the big move of quitting altogether.

On that morning, though, all I wanted to do was just catch up on some sleep. I closed my eyes but nothing happened. I was still conscious and wide awake. With nothing better to do I began thinking.

Yes, that’s how most people get in trouble. By thinking. Or others by not thinking. It doesn’t really matter. I began pondering on the meaning of dreams and whether it may be a channel for communication.

I’ll spare you the details of my thoughts that morning and save it for another post. However, the takeaway from that thought was that I had a good idea for a story.

I pictured the characters, the setting, the plot twist all in my head. I came to my train stop thinking what a great movie it can be. There might have been a pause. Maybe not. I did eventually ask myself; “can I possibly make a good movie?”

Naturally all types of doubts flooded my head. Doubts of non-existent experience in film, my lack of a budget, and of course self-doubt about how good of a movie this might be. In the end my doubts got the best of me and I did not produce that movie. Yet.

A positive outcome from that experience is that my mind began coming up with other story lines. Ideas for another movie, for a TV series, a book, and video games. I’ll explain in upcoming posts about my journey to get my animation series launched. I have come to a point where I will get this done. What may have started as a thought I am beginning to bring to reality.

I write this post after much stalling on my behalf. Has it really been FIVE years of telling myself I’ll work on it later?  I have moved along quite rapidly in the last few months but to hold myself a bit more accountable I am beginning this series of posts. I hope that by updating on the progress of my series someone (just one person is all it would take) will follow along and push me to churn out more.

“Hey you, I’ve been following every episode and I need to know what happened to that character. Do you mind not procrastinating and posting that episode tonight? Thank you.”

All I need is one such “fan” to empower me to make it happen in a jiffy.

And so the journey and dream finally begins…

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