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I’ll admit I was taken aback on how to respond to a recent comment of my Episode 10 post. The comment by Mary asked “i will like to produce my own cartoon howwill i do it[?]” It’s a simple question that took me a while to respond because I wanted to provide the best answer. At first I just pointed her to the tutorial section of this site but upon thinking on it, that isn’t enough. To date, the tutorial content isn’t comprehensive enough to guide anyone on making their own cartoon.

That is the unfortunate truth about my site right now. I have to admit this. My first animated series is still in the process of rolling out one season worth of episodes. Yet, I do still want to provide the inspiration and guidance to help people like Mary create their own carton show. This is the entire point of reelsketch.

So I wanted to give Mary, and others like her, with something more. The answer: Periscope.

I further responded by letting Mary know that she can view my live working session on the Periscope. There I broadcast my laptop screen as I create each episode of the Enter Sumo series. Anyone is welcome to see how I customize human models in the MakeHuman program, create objects in Blender, film scenes in Blender, and create the animation sequence. This and other production work such as recording the audio voices of characters and editing the episodes in iMovie. What’s even better is that I can respond to questions directly as you’re seeing me put together an episode. Instant communication.

This is the best one on one guidance I can provide. Not only will you see exactly how I put together this animated show but I can specifically answer any question that may come up as you’re watching. I am excited to get my cartoon out to the world and I am even more glad to have any one else share in this journey. I highly recommend Mary and anyone who is thinking of creating their own animated show to check out my Periscope to get an idea of how you can make your show a reality.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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