Far-Fetched dream

So I had a desire to make a movie. Which led to thinking about a cartoon series. And then about making a game app. I realized that this may require a big budget of which I had none.

My mind thought of the many costs (camera, director, actors, production equipment) and I became disillusioned. I wondered if maybe it was not meant to be.

Yet, my mind also kept telling me I had a very good idea for a storyline. Every day I couldn’t stop picturing a specific scene or character. I eventually asked myself what it would take to tell people this story at its most basic element. No big production. No big budget marketing.

Even though I wanted this out to the mass market quickly and to be instantaneously popular, at my core I just want to tell people my story. Even if it falls one a few people’s ears.

Bare bones, I said I could do it.

I thought about describing my story through a book but I felt I could not do it justice since writing is not my best skill set. Ironic, how I am now writing individual posts? But I also felt it needed visual images to better convey the plot.

I thought about doing a comic book but when I visualized scenes I thought about the sound and the camera movement which could not be displayed in a picture book.

Alas, I concluded that I needed to have a simple animation video. After months of indecisiveness and research I came up with a plan. My approach was to use an open software (free) 3-D modeling program to create my settings and characters. I then export the still shots into my video editor on my laptop. I then also record my voice on my laptop and sync it to the scene with the movie editor. I wouldn’t be using or purchasing more than my laptop which I already owned.

Basic enough.

My challenges: I had no clue clue about working with the 3D program. When I opened the program I was lost from the start on how to work with it. Every option seemed counterintuitive. The learning curve seemed too steep especially considering that I was doing this in my spare time. My job took most of my day and as I found little time to learn this I became more and more discouraged.

Here I am years later and I am still sticking to my approach for getting this done. No, I have no video to show for it. But in the small pockets of free time I have become quite comfortable using that 3-D software program. I now have my characters modeled and getting ready to start “shooting” scenes. I am not giving up yet so hopefully you too won’t give up on me and my dream.

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