Behind The Scenes

Nothing is too good to be brushed under the carpet.

I’ll admit I was taken aback on how to respond to a recent comment of my Episode 10 post. The comment by Mary asked “i will like to produce my own cartoon howwill i do it[?]” It’s a simple question that took me a while to respond because I...Read more

I'm both excited and nervous. Excited because the idea of a cartoon series that I had over five years ago is coming to fruition. Watching television shows kept reinforcing my belief that my cartoon story is so much better. That if my show was on TV instead of theirs it...Read more

I’m sure no one noticed when I started this Reelsketch website years ago. Over the span of two years I uploaded about 100 “sketches” that I created in Photoshop. And even though I really liked these pictures I had no second thoughts deleting them all from the site one day.

It...Read more

When I created my bird and computer videos with SketchUp, I kept the videos very short to focus on one aspect of video making. For the bird video, I wanted to test my ability to navigate the camera angles and amplify the setting with music. For the computer video, I...Read more

Thanks to Blender and MakeHuman I know how to generate 3-D human models and customize them to my liking. So you may be asking what’s taking me so long to generate my animation series? Shouldn’t I have at least 2 short videos uploaded to...Read more

After creating my first video I decided to upload this second video as a means of testing my production skills. As I did previously, I constructed the objects in the 3-D program SketchUp (no relation to this site).

Looking back...Read more

In my first attempt to animate something, I created this very short video. It may be too raw but looking back on this I think I managed to create something simple, clean, and to the point.

In this video I used...Read more

I seek to present myself as a person who overcame all challenges in order to be an inspiration. Yet in writing about my dream for my first iPod game, the reality is that I failed to see that through.

As an avid (American) football fan I listen to talk radio on...Read more

I’m a late comer to technology yet I knew from the first time using a computer the great benefits technology can bring.

I attended school in a time when everything was handwritten. With a horrible penmanship most of my papers were returned to be rewritten more neatly. My wrist was relieved...Read more

My main aim is to garner an audience to tell my stories. I think of many ideas for movies or television series and I am discontent with just running it through my mind. I want to bring people in to my mind to see these stories but since people can’t...Read more

Around 2009 I stumbled upon Blender when I did a google search for “free 3-D program.” To my surprise a free option did exist. I was weary at first of there being a catch but there wasn’t.  I came across an online community that raved about Blender so I took the plunge.

I...Read more

So I had a desire to make a movie. Which led to thinking about a cartoon series. And then about making a game app. I realized that this may require a big budget of which I had none.

My mind thought of the many costs (camera, director, actors, production equipment) and...Read more

It all started on a Monday morning commute to work. I was seated in the train trying to catch a quick nap before work. I was actually bored with my job but would not fully realize it until months later. And took a total of 2 years for me to...Read more